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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Good Mail

I've been wanting this book for a long time.

 I ordered it (at a price too good to be true) last October.  I didn't realize that it was a pre-order and wouldn't be available until January 1.  But January 1 came and went and no book.  So last week I tried to cancel the order.  It didn't go through.  Then a couple days later the company emailed me to say the order had been cancelled.  Now I was free to order it from somewhere else.  I went to The French Needle site as I knew they carried the book.  The book came yesterday (after only two days!.
Oh my goodness, is it a beautiful book.  It is oversized.  The photos are tremendous.  Huge, clear and beautiful.  This is a book full of projects with directions and patterns.

 What I wanted to make was a pin disc by Susan O'Connor.

I love this!  There is another project in the book by Susan O'Connor.  I love it too.  I measured the size of it against one of my caskets.  Yes!  This will fit the back of a casket.  I love it too.

I went looking for the threads to start the pin disc.  I only found three of the Aver a Soie threads in my stash.  So just for fun I went on Stitching Bits and Bobs to see how much it would be the order the other threads.  92 dollars later, I decided to think about it.  I have a ton of thread,  I have a ton of silk thread.  Do I really need to order more thread for such small stitching?  No.  I don't.
Maybe I can start this today?


  1. I too ordered the book and had my order canceled. Haven't reordered yet tho. I just finished stitching a mirror frame from a class I took with Susan O'Connor in 2015. I posted a picture on the Ning site. It is basically the same flowers and leaves as the Elizabethan panel in the book. I too am thinking that I want to stitch my casket in that style. I know the whole idea is to design your own casket, but I really wish Susan would design one and sell the design. I plan to stitch the trinket box using the threads in my COC kit and see how they compare to the Soie d'Alger. What do you plan to put on the other sides/top of your casket? I look forward to seeing what you do. And I love your Queen Elizabeth with the reticella collar. I was so tempted to order that, but I have way too many projects going.

  2. This looks like a beautiful book.