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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I didn't post yesterday because my fingers were worn out. Dry winter air makes them tend to crack.  Ouch.

 Trying to push a needle through and accidentally hitting this is very painful!  This is the middle finger of my right hand.  And I am right-handed.  See how dry my poor hand is?
That's just an excuse.  The real reason I didn't post yesterday was  because I was shopping.  I had to see if there were any sales on towels at Macy's.  There weren't, at least on the towels I was looking for.  But there were sales online at Macy's site.  So I came home and ordered.  I went to the grocery store by Macy's.  I knew it was dangerous.  I just can not resist the fresh nut rolls at the bakery there.  I caved and got one and called it lunch.  Bad girl.
My BFFs are going to Phoenix this week.  They will have fun taking classes.  I'll see them in April.

I worked on the Queen's Ruff.  I am half done with the circles.

 I bet I can get two more done today.  I peeked ahead to see what comes next.  There are big Xs between the circles.  I am on lesson 10 and there are a total of 15 lessons, I think.  So I'm getting there.  Still not hard!

I put a few stitches in the guy's beard of Final Soliloquy.  This isn't looking like much yet.

I put a few stitches in the Erica Michael's strawberry on gauze - and discovered another goof.  I'll have to frog a little bit.  UGH.

The tray doesn't fit!!  I was very disappointed that the tray of Home Sweet Home doesn't fit in the lining.  I'll have to recheck (read the directions!) to see if I've done it correctly.  I may have to shave down some of the boards to make it fit.  I was hoping that having bought the boards, everything would fit perfectly. Not.

It is going to be warm today!  But it is going to be snowing/sleeting/raining and very windy.  Oh, fun.
I'll have my fun inside.


  1. My fingers get very dry also. I swear by either Aveda hand cream (more expensive) and Neutregena Norwegian Formula hand cream (less expensive). I keep them all over the house, especially near the sink so I can put them on my hands after I wash them. Also, Vaseline spread over my hands and covered with cotton gloves while I'm sleeping at night.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hands. It is tough to stitch when your hands hurt. We always use bag balm for dry cracked hands. It is made for cow udders but works wonders for the hands.

    I too will be in Phoenix this weekend for classes. Probably will see your BFF's.
    Can't wait to see the Queen's Ruff all done.


  3. I have that problem and develop Velcro hands. So rough everything sticks to them! Tried everything but the doctor said it is winter eczema and needs Hydrocortisone cream several times a day. It started helping after a week. I also use Miracle Hand Cream (healing aloe) in between the med cream. Those cracks are so painful!

  4. Ooooo, Ouch, that looks like it hurts. :(
    Some progress is still progress.

  5. I empathize as my fingers crack, too (ouch)! I use Udder Cream all winter, but Working Hands (?? the stuff in the bright green jar) when the splits appear and it had helped them close up pretty fast.

    Re Home Sweet Home, someone (sorry, can't find it in my browsing history) did a huge number of posts on that project and she had some great hints on how to make sure all the bits fit. You could probably find it with image search - she used a striped, floral green fabric for the lining....