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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Close But No Cigar

This is the OpArt that I wanted to show you:
It is the back of the Queen's Ruff.  I know, it is a bit messy.  Luckily no one will see it when I'm done.
I got almost all the way around on this row:
I think it looks good. There is one more row that will go around the edge with hedebo stitches.  They have picots on them.  I can't do picots! I tried when I was working on Harmony but they didn't turn out.  But I will learn.  I saw a slightly different way to do them when I was in class at Winterthur.  The girl next to me was using a pin to hold out the thread and that seem to work well.  I understood the directions for picots on the sampler we were working on then.  So now I have to look up those directions.  I remember thinking at the time, hey, I can do this.  

I got the guy's head all done.  He looks much better with an eyebrow.  Much more intelligent anyway.
I really have to use magnification when working over one on 40 count linen.

Wouldn't it be great if I could get the Queen's Ruff done this week?  It could happen.


  1. If you have trouble with the picots on the ruff, you could consider replacing them with a small white bead.

    Wow, just a handful of stitches each day and suddenly the guy has a head, LOL. He looks good!