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Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Suggestion

DQ said she would like to see me tackle something I bought in December.  At first I thought she meant the Just Nan cube.  I wasn't feeling it.  Too much confetti.  Then I went back and looked at what I bought around that time.  I think she means this one:

So I looked at what I need to do it.  It has this pink little square that goes on top.

It calls for Dusty Miller linen. To me it looks kind of bluey.  I'll have to look through my stash and see if I have anything that might do.  Then I was looking at the top.  Are those flowers ?  No, they are buttons.  Hey, I could use real buttons.  I wonder how that would look.  I know I don't have all the GAST called for but I could probably substitute.  I really like the other pin cushion from Hands On that I made a while ago.

I discovered that there is a new issue of Inspirations out.  I like to go to Zinio and get the digital edition.  This is a really good issue.  I rarely make projects from magazines.  But Inspirations is the exception.  They publish more advanced projects of a great variety.  I printed out three projects that I would love to make.  I almost ordered the Pheasant kit from Jenny Adin-Christie when I ordered the Wren.  I was so tickled to see it in the magazine.  It is smaller than I thought but much sweeter.  It calls for a lot of exotic threads.  I may still order her kit but it is great to have the pattern to see if I could make it.

 I love William Morris's strawberry thief design.  Nicola Jarvis has designed several variations of the strawberry thief.  I love this one.

Then there is Betsy Morgan's Tall Year Square.  I haven't taken this class.  Love the design.  Now I can make it.  Cool.

There are so many great things to stitch and so little time!


  1. That's it Amy! I love those cubes but sadly haven't made one! So maybe I can live vicariously through you yet again!

  2. So glad that you are back Amy - I LOVE your blog - look forward to reading about your adventures every day.

  3. What a pretty pin cushion that will be, and I think your idea of using real buttons would look cool, especially if you have a varied lot of small buttons in your stash (which I'm guessing you probably do!).

    Oh wow - I'd never heard of Zinio so thanks for the heads up. Ugh, wasn't going to buy any more stash this year and I'm *already* tempted by that issue to get the Betsy Morgan pattern - you are such an enabler, lol.

  4. My copy of Inspirations magazine should be here any day now and I can't wait to start Tall Year Square. I just finished All Year Square a couple of days ago and hope that the silks are mostly the same otherwise I'll have to order more.

  5. All great projects.
    Love Tall Year Square.