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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I finished the slipper!

Don't look too closely and it looks great.

 I made the slipper at least an inch shorter than the pattern.  I wanted a more petite slipper.  It has a pocket to slip scissors into.

 I'm pretty happy with it.

I also finished stitching the Little Dutch half-doll.  I hope to put her together today.  It would be great to finish her off.  I keep wanting to add some stuff to her skirt but she looks just fine like she is.  I have too much to do to mess around much more.

The sign-up for Jackie classes at The Attic in November is starting.  I can't possibly go this year.  I'd love to take all her classes.  Maybe next year.
What's next?
I want to finish Can't See the Forest.  I want to look up what I should do next on Friesland.  There are at least ten other things I'd like to work on too.
It is a wonderful day here.  Sunny and warm.  Our crocuses are starting to bloom.  We have to put chicken wire around them so the deer don't eat them all.  Maybe it really is spring!


  1. The slipper turned out too cute.
    Great progress on the doll.

  2. your slipper finish is darling. Love the flame stitch toe. I enjoyed your class escapades, was out of town myself and just finished catching up on all your posts. Hope Spring has sprung in your area. Have a wonderful Easter - Mel

  3. looks great ♥

  4. Oh my the slipper is darling! Great job, as usual.