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Monday, April 27, 2015


I have a cold.  My nose has turned into a faucet.  I snore.  It's awful.  I'm hoping it doesn't last very long.  But the bathrooms are clean, the walking is done.  Now I can vegetate.

I have retreat envy.  I saw that Cathy went to an Amy Mitten class in Iowa.  Oh, I want to be there.  Then I know that my BFF is going to Spring Fling on Friday.  Oh, I want to be there too.  I have to be patient, my time is coming.  Four weeks and two days and I will be in sunny Arizona for A Stitcher's Gathering.

I picked up a Benton and Johnson kit that I started.

 I confess I put this down because I was afraid I would muck it up, that the ends would not meet up well.  That I was not doing it correctly.  But I was looking for something new to work on and it was close to where I was sitting.  You probably can't tell but the red fabric is a high quality wool, not felt.  The threads are gold metal ones.  It has the feel of a fancy dress soldier's uniform.  But it is a Christmas ornament.  It looks so simple, why was I afraid of messing it up?  The join turned out okay.

 It won't be hard to finish this.  I had trouble when I was starting this with the couching thread breaking.  I switched to beading thread and it is going well.
I put some stitches in Friesland and I think I am almost half done with the octagonal pocket.

  I'll see if I can get another motif or two done today.
I'm going to baby myself since I'm sick.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you feel better soon.
    That's a unique ornament.
    Friesland is looking great.