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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cut and Paste

I got down to the letter "O" on Love Letters.  I'm off one thread on the right side.  But I don't think it is noticeable and I'm just leaving it.  Besides, I can't find the error.  So let's pretend that all is perfect.  I meant to be one thread off.  Whatever.  That is a big O, but don't worry, a design goes inside it.

I made a copy of the GPS chart and cut it all up trying to figure out what to put on the back of the needlebook.  I love a crown so the crown goes on top.  Then I put a part of the design from the box under the crown.  It's going pretty well.

 The design didn't quite fit like I had planned (famous last words) so I had to alter it just a bit on the fly.  One side is done and I think it looks fine.  I have to replicate the design on the right side and the stitching will be complete.

So the plan today is to finish GPA needlebook stitching, get several more letters done on Love Letters and I want to work on the flap for Friesland.

 I'm hoping to get the Drawn Thread order in the mail.  She always sends the orders quickly.  The next part of Jackie's folio from Needle in a Haystack has been sent so I'm looking for that too.  Although I haven't even started on the first part.  Good grief.  But I know where it is.

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