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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now What?

Now that I am done with Can't See the Forest, what do I concentrate on?  That is a good question.  First, I have other projects in process.  I am tickled pink to have the main part of Friesland done.  I even ironed it.  Isn't it lovely?
 I have the other pieces to stitch.  There is a center piece that makes the pockets and the flap for the needlebook that will eventually be attached to this piece.  I have started the flap.
But then I thought I would reward myself for working hard to finish Can't See the Forest by starting something new.  I want to make the needlebook in this project:
The problem is that it is done in Romy's Creations threads - from Italy.  So I went through threads trying to find substitutes.  The DMC equivalents are given but I wanted to use variegated overdyed colors of silk.  I tried one green but it didn't seem dark enough.  So I started over with Elizabethan Green.  It is almost too dark.  Here I am so far.
I'd like to try this again but with slightly different colors.  That will probably never happen.

Then in anticipation of my Drawn Thread order, I tried finding Love Letters.  I was pretty sure I ordered it last time around in January.  I looked up my order and sure enough, I did buy it.  So then I narrowed it down to three places that it might be in my sewing room.  I finally found it yesterday.  I love that I ordered the complete kit so that I have the threads and linen to just begin.  So I did.
I was reminded how Cynthia's designs are challenging and lovely.  It will be so fun to see her at The Silver Needle in July.
Barbara asked me what my next class is.  I'm going to Phoenix Arizona at the end of May for A Stitcher's Gathering.- 42 days!


  1. Your friesland sampler looks fantastic. A wonderful finish.
    All your other works are beautiful.
    Who is the desginer from the friesland Sampler?
    Greetings, Manuela from Germany.

  2. Friesland is so pretty.
    I think the needlebook is pretty, but then I love green :)
    Great start on Love Letters, the colors are so soft.

  3. Hello

    Can't See The Forest is beautiful, as is that tiny necklace.
    Lovely wips - I love Drawn Thread but have yet to stitch one.
    Lovely colours in Friesland.
    Happy Friday x