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Friday, April 10, 2015


I worked on my pre-stitching all day yesterday.  It is all done over one.  I am tickled to say that I got it all finished.  48 days to go.
I actually have another pre-stitching to get done for a different retreat.  I'm still mulling over in my brain how I want to change it, what colors I want to use, etc.  It is kind of a primitive style so how do I fancy-it-up?

Okay, so now back to the regular stuff today.  It was relatively cold and modestly rainy as I went walking this morning.  I forgot to wear my Fitbit.  Rats.  But I still got in my steps so I'm good.  

I am going to work on the border to the top of Can't See the Forest.

 I know the over one will take a long time so if I just aim for parts to get done, it won't seem overwhelming.  This is the last panel I have to stitch before I can start putting it together.

I have many other irons in the fire.  I certainly won't get bored!

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