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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Yes, the weatherman was right, it is snowing.  Rats.  But at least the grass is green and there is hope for warmer weather.  I was back to wearing my winter coat for walking this morning.  I remember the summer days when I didn't need to wear any coat or even a sweater.  Oh well.  All the better to be snug in my sewing room stitching.

Love Letters is now ironed.

I'm a little embarrassed as I have several Drawn Thread alphabets that are just laying around not finish-finished.  I should do something interesting with them.  Put them all in a quilt.  Frame them.  Something.

I finished up the little pin disk.

I like the back.  I tried to center a fabric motif on it.

Nice ribbon around the edge.  Now if I just had some black pins to stick in the sides.

I am nearly finished with the scissors fob from Folio part 2.

 I sewed it all together, added the lace, made the twisted cording(s) and the tassel.  I'm just not sure how to add the tassel.  I have to fiddle with it a bit.  The back is just plain, I should put my initial there.

I also started the backstitch around the other thing in Folio part 2.  I guess you could call it a pin cushion.  It is small and I like the design.  Although I reserve the right to make some changes here and there.


  1. Very, very nice work.
    It is occasionally snowing in light flurries here today also.

  2. We've had flurries here for the last 2 days too.
    Love Letters turned out so pretty.
    Great progress on the other projects also.

  3. You can create lovely colored pins by painting the glass heads with nail polish. I am sure the teenage sales clerk wondered why an old lady was buying glossy black nail polish!