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Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Feel Like It Is Spring

The other day I mentioned that I wanted to find my Poppies stitched picture.  I stitched it a long time ago.  It was a kit and even back then I was changing things.  I didn't like the coverage with just one strand so I used two.  I though it would help me feel like it is spring around here.  I wanted to hang it so you could see it when you walk in the front door but it is too big.  So I exchanged it with Chatelaine's Holland Mandala instead.

So while I was in the mood I changed some other picture too.  I put my print of a summer cottage view where I can look up from my stitching and see it.  It used to be in the corner.  Wouldn't you love to have a view like this?

Then I wanted to change another picture.  I discovered a stitching that is donkey's years old (as my MIL would say).  It seemed almost antique it is so old.  No, not quite right.

How about this one?  I'm not a cat person and this one is quite old as well.

No.  Try again.
This one is very spring-like.

This one seems so calm and spring-like a the same time:

It's a keeper.
I finished the stitching on Folio Part 2.
I put it together.

I wasn't sure everything would work out but it was fine.  I did eliminate the second piece of quilt template.  I was surprised at how small it is.
Very sweet.


  1. ooOoo! Your home looks FAN. TAS. TIC. I like Holly and Heather. Boy did I play with those two dolls. And I had Robbie Hobby too. ;)
    That folio is precious.

  2. What FUN seeing your selection of beautiful pictures - LOL!
    I recall Holly Hobby too. Your folio is beautiful.
    love Annette

  3. The Folio turned out so cute.
    You have some nice needlework pieces.
    Oldies, but goodies. :)