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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Folio Part Two

I worked on the Folio Part 2 yesterday and got farther than I expected.  And I like it!

I think I can finish this today - and maybe even put it together.

There are eight pockets forming an octogon for Friesland and I am working on number two.  It seems to be going well (knock on wood).

The Quaker Bag is going slowly but that's always true for things stitched over one.  At least I have corrected the mistakes I've found (so far).  I want to put a "string" or two in this everyday so I can see some progress.

I still have the GPA needlebook to put together.  I ironed it so next I have to interfaced it and cut some skirtex or comic book to go inside it.  I'll go through my dupioni silk pieces to see if I have something that is a good color for the lining.

It was below freezing this morning but the wind was calm.  I'm trying to envision myself walking in shorts.  Not happening any time soon.  I'm going to go looking for my cross stitch picture of poppies.  I think it is in the Behind the Couch gallery.


  1. Pretty little flowers. I enjoy stitching these sets too. Happy Stitching.

  2. Great progress.
    Hope you find your picture in the Gallery, ;)