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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stash Again

Two months ago I ordered some stuff from Needle in a Haystack.  They have an exclusive necklace kit and I wanted to make a necklace.  I saw Laurie's necklace last year and loved it.

 I wanted to make one like hers.  The kit I bought is a different shape and smaller.  But it is a complete necklace that can take whatever I decide to stitch in it.  I'll have to use very small count.  You can also attach beads and charms to it as there are three holes on the bottom.

I ordered an exclusive finishing kit for the trunk that goes with the Elizabeth half doll that I made.

 I had no idea when I ordered this what a great kit this is.  There are so many parts.  Look at the list of stuff in this kit.

It has all the stuff you need.  Needle in a Haystack has made a pattern for all the trunk pieces.   And there are a ton of pieces.  Five pages. Wow, this is great.

Then there is the top.  It is made of a special corrigated cardboard so that is bends to make the curved top of the trunk.

They have even included the glue.  Handy!  I got the lock for it too.

I also ordered some Gloriana silk.  I was looking for just the right blue.

 But it's been so long that I don't even remember what project I needed the blue for.  Now I have a lovely selection.  Blue is my favorite color so I'm sure I'll use these.


  1. WOW Lots of great instructions and supplies! Looking forward to seeing you made this! The necklace is going to be beautiful.
    love Annette

  2. The finishing kit is fabulous, But take care cutting the cardboard, I managed to slice my finger with an exacto knife -ouch!

  3. I want to live at your house and get the mail! :)

  4. I sometimes buy floss, especially Gloriana, just because. My collection is growing and I love to just look and pet it. And sometimes I even use a skein or two in a project, lol! The floss takes up a lot less space than my husband's books.