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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I finish-finished my little Bluebird Tweet.

I think he is cute.  I wasn't so sure about the color of his beads.  They seemed a bit bright.  But now that they are sewn on, they look fine.

I also tried putting the front of A Case Of Indian Ink together.

 It turned out fine so I started on the back.

 I read the directions and I have four more pages and the spine to stitch.  But most of pages are backstitch.  Now if I could just count correctly. . . .

I put a bit more on the flower band of AW1662.  It is starting to take shape.

I did the backstitching around the top and bottom panels of Can't See the Forest.

 My goal for today is to complete the bottom panel.  The top panel will be more challenging as it is most over one.
It is rainy here so I had to walk at the Y.  Walking outside really is more interesting.


  1. such a sweet bird

  2. That little birdy is too cute.
    Great progress on the other projects.