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Monday, April 6, 2015

Panel #3

I'm working on panel number three of Can't See the Forest.

 It is going well.  I only had to take one thing out and move it over one thread.  I think I can finish this panel up today.  What will be left is the top and the bottom.  I feel like I have made good progress.

I dug through my floss bin.  It is so funny to hear people answer that question "How do you organize your threads?" Alphabetically?  By Manufacture?  By silk and cotton?  By number?  This is how I organize mine. Drawes and containers and box and bags and the floor.

 Not very well.  I found the one I was looking for so I was able to start Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet.  I got half of him done.  Maybe I can finish this one today too.

I put a little time into A Case for Indian Ink.  I also put a couple of threads into AW1662.  I'll show you those tomorrow.


  1. now that is a very pretty stitched bird.. and your stash organization seems to work for you lol...

  2. Great progress on the Forest.
    The little Bluebird is cute.

  3. Lovely blog! Yoy have beautiful stitched pieces! I love your slipper and pincushion dolls. Regards

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