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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Guess What I Did

I got my Drawn Thread order!  Yeah!  I ordered these two:

I wish I had ordered the third one also but I'm feeling a little guilty as I have at least five Drawn Thread kits that I haven't done yet.
Could I resist starting something?  You know me, no way.  So I started something small and easy - the scissors fob.  Fun!  Quick!  I love the colors.  Cynthia is such an artist when is comes to design and colors and stitches.  Here is what I made:

Sweet!  Yes, it's all done.  Now I want to make the pocket.  But first I'm going to work on Friesland.

I must confess that I spent a lot of time reading yesterday.  I am really enjoying  The Goldfinch.  It is a long book.  In Ipad pages it is over 2000.  I am in the 600's, so about a third done.  It is a good writer that makes you want to know what happens.  I can relate to the title character.
The sun is out today and it is going to warm up.  Love it.


  1. Love the new Drawn Thread's .
    You are quick!

  2. Love your new charts. Lovely scissor fob you made. You were quick stitching it!
    love Annette

  3. Beautiful fob! I love Drawn Thread! I just haven't tackled many of their pieces!

  4. I ordered the same two pieces you did. They won't come for a while as my online shop of choice is at Celebration. I think I will do the case. Your fob is adorable ! Mel