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Sunday, April 12, 2015

One More Tree

I saw purple and white violets during my walk in the park.  It really is spring.  Even though the temperature was 38.  The sun is shining and it is supposed to get up to 60.  One of these days I'll be able to wear shorts again.  One of these days I won't even need a coat.  The farmer's market opens May 9th. That's less than a month.

I got the deer stitched.

 Some people think deer are cute or sweet.  I happen to think they are giant rats that eat flowers.  Whatever.  I want to finish this today.  There is just the other tree to go.

I found the Whatley Woodlands thread!  So I stitched the rabbit which is going to be a pinkeep.
That is a small piece of chenile that is his tail.
Then I stitched what is to be a humbug.

 It's almost done, just a few more stitches.  I realize now why the scissors are not centered.

 They aren't supposed to be that close to the needlebook.  The scissors are to be a separate scissors fob.   I'll restitch them with more seam allowance around them.

I downloaded a book about tidying up.  It's called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up".  I may have to throw some stuff away (shutter).  Maybe that will help me not be such a slob.  First I have to read it though.

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