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Friday, April 3, 2015

A Done Doll

I finished the Little Dutch half-doll pin cushion.  Cute.  I did it my own way.  Which is like saying that I didn't follow the directions.  But I'm happy with how she turned out.  I have had this poor little half-doll sitting around for a couple of years so it's nice to have her all done.

She is much smaller than my other one.

I have another half doll that has been sitting around for a while too.  I ordered her pattern last June from a needlework store.  Ten months and no word on my order.  So I ordered the pattern from another place two weeks ago.
I think that order is on its way.
I started the next panel of Can't See the Forest.  I think I can get it done today.  It is nice to make good progress on something.  Margret asked me about the stitch I used for the white flowers.  It is a stitch I learned from Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread.  It is called Boucle stitch.  I haven't looked to see if you can find how to do it on the web but it is probably out there somewhere.
I got a kit in the mail from Jenny Adin-Christie.  It is wonderful.  I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. It was fun to see you work on your little doll. I'm glad it's finished and it looks great.

  2. She turned out so pretty.
    Love how small this one is.
    Forest is looking great.

  3. Beautiful dolls - I love both.
    Happy Easter

  4. Oh Amy she is beautiful...I just purchased a few of these dolls that are on their did a lovely job on her

  5. Congrats on finishing Little Dutch half-doll! She's beautiful - both dolls look great together. love Annette