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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I got the next part of The Folio from Needle in a Haystack yesterday.

Still waiting for my Drawn Thread order.  So what did I work on?  I started on the Quaker Bag.
Yes, Grace, I changed the linen to star sapphire.  I also changed some of the floss colors too.  I'm not a green person.  I took out where I was off and put it back in.  Then I realized I have even more frogging to do of over one stitching. The whole left side of that green motif is wrong.   ARGH.  So I put it down.

I went looking for the first part of the Folio.

 I decided I wanted to change the linen to sandstone.  Inside the Folio kit was a little pin disk kit that came with it.  I started stitching it. It is so much harder to stitch on dark linen.  I changed a few things.

 I got it all stitched so now I have to put it together.
Then I started the scissors fob that is in part two of the Folio.  It was quick to stitch (even during Dancing with the Stars!).

I am whip stitching the edges together.  It has lace along the top and some twisted cording.  I can finish it today.  Maybe I'll start the pin pouch of part two.  It looks interesting.
I started reading a good book.  It is The Goldfinch.  I tried starting it a while back but couldn't get into it.  This time I read further and now I'm hooked.  I want to find out what happens.


  1. Hi Amy, thanks for sharing the pic of my necklace again. It makes me so happy to see you sharing it on your blog. I'm off to Neede in a Haystack to pic up the second part of the folio project tomorrow. I hadn't seen a picture of it yet and now I'm really excited. I'm putting the bag together this week so I am keeping up. I saw your post of the owl and the pussycat piece and I would love to do it but I am nervous about the white work. When you start it let us all know how it goes. Your friend, Laurie

  2. You have the most interesting projects. :)