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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Doe a Deer

I got the border (over one!) done on Can't See the Forest.  Yeah!  Now on to other parts.  The goal for today is to get the deer that stands on the hill done along with a few leaves.

I got one of the four pages of A Case of India Ink done.  The thread keeps shredding.  I'd like to get another page done today.

I decided to take my leftover threads from the GPA Deruta box and use them for the pre-stitching on the Silver Needle finishing class piece.

I changed just a few things.  I shortened the fingers and added a few stitches to those spots.  I wonder why the scissors aren't centered.

There is another part to do that is just a rabbit.  The challenge with the rabbit is that I want to use a certain thread (Whatley Woods) but I don't know where it is.  I guess I'll dig around in the area I think it might be.  The class isn't until July but I'd like to get this done.

It is a nice day outside.  I saw some daffodils blooming.  Things are starting to green up.  There is hope for the world.

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