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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's a gray day here at the Chateau.  But I was able to walk outside this morning so I'm happy.
I got the 4th part of A Case for India Ink done.  Now I have at least 2 more pages to do before I can put it together.  I cut apart and trimmed the parts I have done which will be the front and back of the case.  Cool.  Maybe I can even put these together with the skirtex.  I'll have to read the directions.

I am working on a large band of flowers on AW1662.  I'm not sure about the colors.  They seem too light.  but I'm putting them in anyway.  We'll see how it looks when this band is done.

I finished up the Bluebird Tweet. He still needs beads, beek and legs put on though.

 Cute.  I cut him out and now I need to put some interfacing on him.  I want to finish him up today so I can start something new!

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