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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joe Shows

Yeah! Joe showed up today! After much discussion, measuring, looking and tile cutting we have a back splash started. I figure it will go much faster once Joe gets the cuts around all the outlets done. I can't wait to see how the fancy tile looks when it is put up. He will probably need to come back for another day or two. He doesn't work very fast but that's okay.
I got the spine done on Button Lover's Brag Book. There are buttons that go between the blue shapes. I'm waiting until I press and interface the cover before I put those on. I see that I am just two threads off on the back cover and I think I can live with that. So that means I am ready to start the front cover. Cool. Wouldn't it be great to have the whole cover done?
I am close to finishing A Spot in the Mountains. It is fun to put in all the little motifs that relate to Michigan. Only a few left to go. I also have to put in my name and/or initials.
We only had about 30 to 35 trick or treaters last night. I thought there were 50 little bags of chocolate covered pretzels but there were only 24 - and I ate two of them. I have lots of fruit snacks left over.
I had a good time with Dylan yesterday. He didn't mind reading at all. He is so cute, he wanted to know what happened with the cat in the book he read last week. Each practice reader is an independent book so it was a different story. We read the pop-up books. I think he enjoyed them but he really wanted to play a game. So we played "Who am I?" It was fun. The time goes so fast. I decided not to try and take him to the play. I haven't met his mother yet. I'll meet her November 10th when there is a mentor party and see if she is open to letting me take him somewhere like a play.
I've fixed a dress and a doll for my DIL and wrote a couple of thank you notes. I'm hoping to get to stitching after lunch.


  1. Lovely to see the progress on your stitching and to hear of Dylan too. Will have to pray that Joe speeds up as I'm longing to see the tiles finished - you must be too!!

  2. I would not worry at all about being 2 threads off. Sometimes when that happens to me when I am stitching letters, I just add an extra "Flourish" or serif somewhere on a letter... It will be wonderful to see Joe's competed work -- looking forward to it!