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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Trick Pony

The tour of the living room continues! I am not a one trick pony. I do watercolor, needlepoint and many other crafty things. Over the sofa is my best watercolor. It was in the Area Show. I haven't painted in a couple of years but every once in a while I get the urge to just put paint on paper. My painting area is kind of a mess which deters me from painting. I need a maid. One who will follow me around and clean up my messes. There is one last needlepoint pillow in the chair with one of my dolls, Annabelle. My niece once whispered to her mother "She has dolls!" Yes, I have a few.
I stopped by a medical office and got the forms to sign up for a new doctor. I thought it would be difficult. I figured I would be told "Sorry, the doctor isn't taking any new patients". But I just have some forms to fill out and a first appointment.
I worked on the Metals page of Buttons. I am regretting choosing the more difficult stitching scheme as I've had to frog, frog, frog. But I can see some progress so I'm keeping at it. I love the little box that has a rabbit and a dog in it.
I worked a bit on My Storybook. I am stitching a basket with yarn balls in it - for the the second time.
I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is next week. I made a pumpkin pie. I'm the only one around here that likes pumpkin pie. So I froze several pieces. It has been warmer than usual so it doesn't really seem like Thanksgiving time yet.
I should get my order from Barnes & Noble soon. Then I'll have a real dilemma - whether to read or stitch.

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  1. Amy, reading and stitching fight each other for supremacy in my life too. I usually stitch until I go to bed and then read of an hour before I turn out the light! Love the Jasperware bowl in your painting. You are clever!