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Friday, November 25, 2011

Back to Normal

I was irritated with trying to publish my blog on Wednesday. Blogger didn't want to include some of what I wrote. So my title "Reprieve" didn't make sense since you didn't know what I got a reprieve from. I was supposed to have a mammogram on Wednesday but when I arrived, I found out that the machine was broken so I didn't have to get one.
So yesterday I didn't post. I took the day off. Most of the day was cooking, eating and washing dishes. I did get in a little bit of stitching. I finished My Storybook and now I am sewing it together. I would like it better if the colors were better. It is irritating since I paid so much for the accessory kits. But that's life. I found some fabric in my stash to finish My Storybook and I plan to get it done today. I worked a bit on the Fashion buttons page. My goal today is to get to the vase of flowers. I put in a few stitches on Mountain Flowers. It is shaping up nicely. I made some twisted cording to see how it would look on the Lucet holder. I used two strands of the Soie Perle. I think it could be a bit thicker so I'm going to try three strands and see how that looks. Yes, I've given up trying to make the lucet cording as I just can't get it nice and even enough for my taste.
I have ordered the tile for the kitchen floor. With any luck, we can have it done this year.
DH is asking what I want for Christmas. I happen to have a little list all ready for Santa.


  1. Hi Amy, You have been busy with your stitching. I hope you had a rest and feel refreshed from your Thanksgiving Day. Did you have to choose your own threads for My Story? Mountain Flowers is looking really good.

  2. Hi silly! Your cording looks just fine to me! It is so much fun to see what you are up to. So, are you going to give us the Prune Bread recipie or is it a family secret? We could also have a look at the tile you ordered! While you are at it, I am wondering what the rods are that you bought to keep your work taught. I am just full of ideas to keep you busy, huh? -Kath