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Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Doesn't Feel Like Saturday

With a holiday this week, I have my days mixed up. It feels like Monday for some reason. I went to Pilates this morning but the teacher didn't. One of the other students tried to be the teacher but it just wasn't working for me and I left.
I worked on finishing My Storybook. I decided to use my machine and sew it together. I bought the accessory packs for My Storybook. They had all the charms, threads and wool pieces needed to finish it just like the picture on the cover. My problem with the accessory packs was the cost. It was 60 dollars for the threads, 3 charms, 6 beads and two small pieces of wool. Some of the threads weren't even used. There were mostly one 18 inch strand of most of the threads. The threads chosen were not even good choices. I changed the colors used on several of the motifs and the wording. There was a separate accessory pack for the bookmark (for an additional 20 dollars) with all the charms on the end.
I whipped stitched the cover of Buttons together. I had been putting it off for fear it wouldn't fit together or I would somehow mess it up. But it went together fine. Then I put in the first page. The book is coming together! I started whipping together the second page. I am almost to the vase of flowers on the third page. I bet I can finish this before the end of the year.
I put just a few stitches in Mountain Flowers. I would love to get a couple of hours of stitching in on this today.
I've got to start thinking about Christmas and the stuff that I need to do.

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  1. My you have been busy. The Button Book is looking amazing. And I like the My Story too - sorry to hear you had such trouble with threads. Hope this week goes well for you.