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Friday, November 4, 2011


Joe finished off the tile yesterday. He grouted and did a few other miscellaneous jobs in the kitchen and now the backsplash is all done. I am very happy with how it looks. The next step is the floor. I have a porcelain tile all picked out. I just have to get the DH's okay to order it. Joe says that the new floor will totally change how the kitchen looks. It is nice to get back to normal now that the tiling is all done.
I started the finishing on A Spot in the Mountains. I put on the pockets and a divider and lining. The last thing is hand sewing the ribbon all around the edge. I am half done sewing on the ribbon. I can finish it today! In my last issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine is a sampler that I think could be adapted to the same pocket design as Hare Pyns and A Spot in the Mountains. It has sections that would be good for a front and a back and an inside cover. Boy, if I had more time to mess around, I could do it. But right now I have more pressing things to stitch. The pieces of the Lucet holder are laying around and I want to get that put together.
I got the b-u-t in buttons stitched. I really didn't work on it much as the finishing for A Spot in the Mountains took all day. I am changing the "t"s as they looked too short to me. A "t" ought to be taller than a "u", don't you think?
It is lovely Friday. This week just flew by. I was wrong about my Stitching Bits and Bobs order. It still isn't here. The irritating thing is I got my Visa bill and the charge is on there (dated Oct. 11) and I don't have the order. I should call and complain but I don't think it would do any good. My consolation is that my Hand-Dyed Fibers orders has been shipped.

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