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Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Lucky

While I was cleaning my bathrooms, I noticed that my Lucky Bamboo doesn't look so lucky any more. It is a least 10 years old and he used to have two friends with him in the vase. I should get him a new friend. I don't have any stitching in my main bathroom I have this neat collage picture that says " I was rich if not in money in sunny hours and summer days and spent them lavishly. Thoreau" I thinking of switching it out as it isn't summer anymore and "sunny" is a rare occurence here.

There are times when I just should not stitch. I keep making the same mistake over and over. Yesterday was one of those days. I stitched part of the nameplate on the front of My Storybook with one strand of floss. It was too light. So I took it out. Then I stitched that same part with two strands of overdyed. When I looked at it, I realized I had used the wrong overdyed. So I took it out. Then I stitched with two strands of the right overdyed. That is when I saw that it was stitched in the wrong place - about 4 stitches too high. So I am taking it out. Again. ARGH.
I started the next page in Buttons. It is the "Metals" page. There are eight frames for buttons to be placed. You can stitch them in tent stitch or a slanted stitch. I am choosing the slanted stitch. There is a cute little box with a couple animals in it. That will be fun to stitch.
I put in some black on the Winter Cottage. Still doesn't look like anything yet.
The bathrooms are clean and my car has gas. I'm going to see Dylan today. I'm going to tell him about my "toy" (my Cricut machine)and then I'll take it next week. He has no idea of all the nifty stuff I have that we can do. I bought a gingerbread house kit for us to do in December.

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  1. Amy, I think your sun has come on a visit to New Zealand! Better luck with the Storybook nameplate today.