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Thursday, November 3, 2011

B is for Buttons

Wow what a difference a day makes! Joe tiled the stove wall and then grouted it. It looks totally different. I love it. The light on this wall is from a different angle and for some reason you can see the design in the listello tile even better. I love it. It may just look ordinary to a casual observer but it looks really neat to me. Joe is supposed to come back today and grout the sink wall but I haven't seen him yet. I took a chance and went to exercise class thinking he would probably be late. He always says he will be here at 8:30 but it never works out that way.
I finished the stitching on A Spot in the Mountains and have started the finishing. It is so cute. I learned some lessons from finishing Hare Pyns that will make finishing A Spot in the Mountains easier. (Don't start the ribbon edging in a corner!) I have some ironing, sewing and cutting to do.
I started the word "Buttons" on the front of Button Lover's Brag Book. I'd like to finish that word today.
I did something totally decadent. I signed up for an "Online University" course. It is through Thistle Threads and it is all about eventually making a casket. No, not that kind. A needlework box. I have always been fascinated by the Martha Edlin casket. Also, I saw one that belonged to Queen Mary, I think. It was fabulous and had a music box in it. That would be the ultimate achievement, to design and make a casket - before I'm dead!

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  1. The tiles are absolutely beautiful. No wonder you are so pleased. I would be too! I love the Spot in the Mountains - hope the construction goes well. Have a great weekend.