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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tour - Part One

Margaret wants to see my curio cabinet that I have filled with my stitching. So I thought we would take a tour starting with the top shelf. I am "petite" which just means rather short. But it is all relative since my mother is at least two or three inches shorter than I am. What this means is, I can't see the top shelf. I can only see the bottom of the things on the top shelf. The back of the curio is a mirror (in case some of these pictures look weird).
The biggest item on the top shelf is my C.A. Wells Legacy Event piece, Queen Bee. Then there are several Just Nan designs: humbugs, Hop, pin cushion and my favorite scissors holder and needlebook. I have several roll up boxes. One by Stitching Treasures and two by Louise Henderson (Cherished Stitches). One of the boxes was a class at Celebrations and I stitched over one on like 35 count. That was a stretch for me at the time.
I put the interfacing on the cover pieces of Buttons and pressed the seam allowances under but I have discovered that the inside is bigger than the outside. How did that happen? I guess I am glad that I accidentally made the outside two threads too big. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will fit together okay. I suppose if I had enough linen, I could stitch the inside part again. We'll see.
I am going to talk about money and how many chocolate milks you can get for a dollar with Dylan today. (Three!)


  1. Thankyou for the visit to your Curio Cabinet! It is always so inspiring to see the work that others have done. Hoping you have a gret time with Dylan

  2. Awesome, Amy! :-)
    So, I was shamelessly going to ask you whether you would be interested in trading your crewel strawberry instructions for my counted strawberry instructions? Yep, I have no shame... ;-)