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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Tour: Part Five

The bottom shelf in my curio is a catch-all. Things that don't fit on other shelves like the Barbara Jackson Tea Time basket are here. I've stuck a bunch of little things in the basket as well. I love the Victoria Sampler design "Count Your Blessings" that I have open. A few things have accessories that go with them but I haven't stitched them. The box with the bunnies back in the corner has a pincushion that is half stitched. Count Your Blessings has a scissors fob that is not stitched. So when I see some of these things I feel guilty that I haven't truly finished the project.
I got a lot done on My Storybook. It is fun to stitch little motifs. I guess that is what is appealing about Shepherd's Bush samplers. You just do a short row of a specialty stitch and then are on to other things. It suits someone with a short attention span or limited time. In My Storybook, there is a symbol that is not on the list. I hope to finish the verse today. My real goal is to work my way down to the little house in the right bottom corner. That is my favorite motif.
I have just started the borders on the next page of Buttons. I want to cut the mat board that fits in the cover today.
I did nothing on Winter Cottage yesterday. I should at least put in some more nun stitches today.
The snow is still on our front yard but it is supposed to be warm enough to melt it today. I'm skipping pilates today as my right sacroiliac is sore.


  1. it looks like a never ending story.....once again, thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Amy, thank you so much for the tour. I have loved looking at your "produce". It is really inspiring - and I must admit, I am tempted to keep more of my stitching. So much of it ends up as gifts for others and only sometimes a photo on the computer. Your snow is really early! Keep warm.