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Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Saturday of November

This is the first Saturday of November. In another life this was a busy day. It used to be that the Christian Schools would have their fundraising event, Country Fair, on this day. I would go buy chocolate letters for Christmas stockings, the first fudge of the season and my favorite dishcloths. But, alas, it is no more. On this same first Saturday of November there used to be a huge craft show at Wings Stadium. There also used to be a show called Paints, Patches and Paraphernalia with a bit higher level of crafts. Things change. People grow older. Friends move away. Tastes evolve. That's how life goes.
I finished A Spot in the Mountains. I want to iron the edge to make it less bumpy looking. It turned out very cute and I enjoyed making it. I was less scared of messing up the finishing this time.
I got the word "Buttons" all done on Button Lover's Brag Book. I bet I could finish the front cover today if I kept at it.
We are having a lovely weekend. The sun is shining and it is supposed to get up to 60 today. For November, that is really good. I'm hoping the mailman brings me something today.


  1. Amy, your Spot in the Mountains looks great, as does your kitchen backsplash! Your Button Brag book is coming along - mine, alas, is still in pristine condition! Love seeing your finishes.

  2. Lovely to see A Spot in the Mountains finished. You ahve done a wonderful job. Buttons is doing well too. Hope the mailman is kind to you!