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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tis the Season

The tour continues of the living room with the other things behind the sofa. This is a miscellaneous group of art. First up is a photo of flowers that I got at the Ann Arbor Art fair and a print of Australian flowers from Aunt Jean. In the next photo is a Hollie Hobbie cross stitch that is donkeys years old (as my MIL would say). The small framed one I gave to my MIL before she passed away. On the right in the next photo is my very first completed watercolor and a favorite subject to paint, pansies. It was good to look at the stuff behind the sofa as I had forgotten about some of the (dusty)things back there. Lastly, there is the bird and strawberry. It is a Just Nan limited addition.

The Fruit Market is now selling Christmas trees. ARGH. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet. My attitude toward Christmas has changed the last few years. It is likely to change (for the better!) again in the next few years with the birth of a granddaughter.
I worked on Buttons and am more than half way done with the Glass buttons page. I am changing some of the stitches on the basket and using some Hand-Dyed premium floss. I bet I can finish it today. Then I will have only one page to go! I worked on several little motifs on My Storybook. I have everything above the name plate done. Now I need to finish the lower half of the front. I backstitched the cottage all around so it would show up more. I still don't like the colors. It would be much cuter in different colors. It would be a darling scissor fob just by itself.
I read about 60 pages in V is for Vengeance. I get working on something and I don't want to stop - be it reading or stitching.

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