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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Before and After

The tiling is coming along very well. Joe got the whole sink wall tiled (but not grouted) yesterday. He just got here today and is starting on the stove wall which is shorter. With any luck, he will finish today. I took a before picture and after pictures. It may not look like a big change in the photo but in person it looks totally different. The listello draws your eye up so that you look at the listello and not the counter top. So the kitchen looks taller. The tile colors join the bottom cabinets and counter top with the top cabinets and they look like they all go together. Joe said the best thing, he said when it gets grouted it is going to look like a million bucks. I have had doubts about whether I chose the best tile (or just threw money down a rat hole) so that eases my mind.
I spent most of yesterday watching him work so not a lot of stitching got done. I was so exited to see what the tile was going to look like. But last night I started the front cover of Button Lover's Brag Book. I ordered the rodnroll rods and just got them in the mail yesterday. Ironically, Sherri talked about them on her blog yesterday too. I tried them out and I think I like them a lot. They are very handy and keeps one side of your stitching nice and neat and out of the way. Sherri is left handed and so her rod is on the other side.
Today I would like to get A Spot in the Mountains done. Well, not done done, but finish all the stitching part.


  1. Love your freshly tiled kitchen - what a difference. I am guessing that you are thrilled right about now!

  2. The tiles look lovely, Amy. You must be very happy.

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