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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plant the Seed

We are looking for a new TV for the kitchen counter. Yes, I know, a TV in the kitchen is a very bad idea. But it has been a bad idea in our house for nearly 40 years. I suggested last year that we get a thin TV so that more counter space is freed up to work on. The first response from DH is always "No absolutely not". Seed planted. Give it time to grow. Then yesterday DH is looking on the internet for a thin TV. We have found that you can not get a name brand TV that is less than 19". I stopped and looked at what Target has after exercise class this morning. Nothing smaller than 19". Their 19" TVs look so little. DH has come around to my point of view. We can manage a 19" TV on our counter. Maybe we can go get one later today.
I have no doctor. My old doctor retired and didn't even tell me. How rude is that? I try to see him as little as possible. So I'm looking around for some young whippersnapper kid to be my doctor. I need to get a T-DAP shot before the baby gets here. The real trick is to get DH to get a shot. Actually it won't be a trick, it will be a miracle.
Dylan was fun. We played with Snap Circuits and another game. His lunch was appalling. Fish sticks or chicken nuggets with all breading and no meat. Of course he choose the chicken nuggets. He didn't eat the applesauce or wheat roll or carrots smothered in ranch dressing.
I didn't get a lot of stitching done yesterday. I got the name plate stitched on My Storybook on the fourth try. But that's about all I did.
I'm starting my house tour of stitching with my sofa. This sofa is the first piece of furniture DH and I bought. But nobody spends any time in the living room so we aren't really motivated to replace it. I don't do much needlepoint but several of the pillows on the sofa are needlepoint. I hate the pink one but I don't know what else to do with it. I tried to sell it on ebay but it didn't sell. I guess Goodwill is the next stop for it. I change out the pillows seasonally so I have my Shepherd's Bush "Thanksgiving" pillow out. The other pillows next to "Thanksgiving" are some of my favorites. I love anything blue and white. Also, the Marjolein Bastien one is very pretty.

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  1. Amy, I am loving this tour! Your Thanksgiving cushion looks great- all those little people must have been a fun stitch. Dylan's lunch sounds awful to me too but then, I am a bit of a nutrition freak. You are making a great job of My Story and I am enjoying the progress reports. Have a great day