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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Tour: Part One and a half

I thought my pictures of my curio yesterday were not very good. You couldn't really see some of the things on the top shelf. So today I will open up a couple of things that I haven't shown before here. The box is a class with Louise Henderson at Celebraions called Isadore's Treasures. The biscornu is from Just Nan.
I fixed the inside cover of Buttons so that it matches the outside cover. I was worried that I would have to stitch it all over again. But I tried just taking out the left side borders and moving them in about 7 threads. I think it looks okay. Whew! I am making good progress on the Calicos page. I hope to get to the bird today. I don't have any calico buttons yet.
DH and I voted today. We were voters number 9 and 10. Not a big turn out. The precinct workers looked bored. There were at least 5 people working there. I wonder if they were the first 5 voters??
It is November and it was warm enough this morning that I didn't even take a sweater/jacket or coat to exercise class. I need to appreciate this while it lasts.

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  1. Thanks for the Curio Cabinet tour. That box looks beautiful. Well done on "fixing" your covers. I think they look great and am watching with eager anticipation to see this come together.