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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Tour: Part Two

The main thing on the second shelf of my curio is Chatelaine's Japanese box. It was very challenging to stitch and to finish into a box and took a lot of time so it gets the center spot. There are half a dozen class projects on this shelf. I really enjoyed making the Just Nan's Bluebird box. For a long time, I couldn't find this finished project anywhere. I finally discovered it behind a bookcase. It had fallen back there. I'm not crazy about the felt bluebird that sits on top but it is unusual. I have my beaded fish scissors holder. I'm not a beader but I am proud that I finished it. It was a lot of work too. Also on this shelf is a basket that I got when I visited Frye's Measure Mill. I love the little hand shape on the side.
I finished the left hand page for calico buttons. Let's say I did a lot of "reverse" stitching. It is so easy to get off just one thread. I really like the bird. The other side of the page is just pearl cotton frames for button cards so it should go pretty fast.

I found some 25 count linen and I have started the Winter Cottage on it. To start you have to do a million nun stitches. Nun stitches on top of nun stitches. Really. And it is all white pearl cotton on white linen. So not very exciting. I thought the congress cloth was 18 count but when I checked it, I found that it was 24 count.
My Stitching Bits and Bobs order is in the mail! Considering that the store is about 25 miles away, it shouldn't take too long to get here.
The radio station that I sometimes listen to in the car has started playing all Christmas music. UGH. I'm not ready for that at all.
Joe is coming over to measure the kitchen floor for ordering the tile. We may get this project done this year.


  1. I'm loving this tour of your cabinet! The Japanese Box is beautiful and deserves pride of place. Reverse sttiching of "over one" is hard on the eyes isn't it? I did a little of that last night too :-)

  2. Wow! I am so impressed!!! You are an amazingly talented and speedy stitcher. It's a great idea to put them all in a curio -- I'll hope to do that someday.