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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I made the prune bread yesterday and it turned out well. There wasn't a dip of uncooked batter in the middle. I froze some for Christmas. I'm going to make the pecan pie today that is our dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. I decided not to make all the stuff I would make if the boys were here. So no rolls or stuffed mushrooms or candied apple rings. I love the rolls but can only eat one or two - not 12. I have a 16 pound turkey. That will last us a while.
I stitch a little on three projects yesterday. I started the last page of Buttons. It went well but I really have to be careful not to assume that the design is exactly symmetrical because it isn't. I am not quite half done with the Fashion buttons page. If I worked on it all day, I could probably finish it. I added just a bit more to Mountain Flowers. I so enjoy working on this design. This is just the first half, or front of the purse so there is lots more to do. Then I put in the word "friends" on My Storybook. I started a key motif but changed the color floss. Some designers like Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler are gifted at picking out a palette of floss colors. I have used her leftover floss to do other projects since they go together so well. Then there are designers that there is no rhyme or reason for choosing the floss they chose. Even Buttons has two blue colors that are so close together you can hardly tell them apart. Why? I'm still not happy with the floss colors in the little house on My Storybook. I admit that I love some overdyed floss colors but they don't look good when I put them in a design. Combining colors isn't easy. Shepherd's Bush lovely soft colors always seem too pale for me but usually work fine in their kits.
Well, I'm off to eat lunch and then to stitch.

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  1. Hi Amy, Great progress on Mountain Flowers. It looks beautiful. I love the look of the prune bread too - I should pay you a visit as I do like prunes but my Mother can't eat them so it would be no use cooking for one. Oh dear. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. I will be giving thanks for having gotten to know you!