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Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Day

Happy Halloween!
It is an overcast and rainy day here. You can say that about our weather throughout the fall season.
The bathrooms are clean but so far no Joe the contractor. This is getting old. I would have loved to sleep in this morning. I will appreciate that extra hour we get next Sunday.
I have a confession to make. I messed up the counting - again. I tried to be so careful centering my name. In the end it is off by a couple of threads. But it is off because I inadvertently added two stitches to the date motif at the bottom. Then I proceeded to do the corners and borders. So the whole darn back cover is two stitches or four threads too big. It is too much to rip out. Really. Ripping out all that over one stitching?! That is a nightmare. So I have justified it in my mind. The outside needs to be bigger than the inside so it will fold more easily. But deep inside me is a little voice that says "but I want it to be perfect!!".
I got the little boat scene on A Spot in the Mountains done. Today I want to do the train. This is close to being all stitched. If I concentrated on it, I bet I could get it done today.
I am taking two of my pop-up books when I see Dylan today. They are both Halloween related and I think he will like them. One is Halloween bugs and the other is Have you seen my Mommy? (who it a Mummy). They are cute.


  1. Amy, I really relate to the voice in the head which disagrees with what one tells oneself! It's a common occurence at my house too. Counting over one is hard on the eyes but reverse stitching is even worse. Both pieces look really beautiful. Have a great time with Dylan

  2. Your progresses look wonderful, Amy! I love filling-stitches, don't you? Your Bargello work is so pretty!
    (Looking at your photos, I do realize that I really need to finish my Sailor's Huswif.... those pockets are so pretty with all the fill-stitch work. Thanks for the reminder... LOL)