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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Bear of a Triangle

I made such good progress yesterday. I got two curly-que corners done on Button Lover's Brag Book cover. It is going way faster than I expected. It is very pretty and looks even better than the picture on the pattern.
I am down to the last two and a half triangles on A Spot in the Mountains. There is a bear in the last corner triangle. That will be fun to stitch. I know the last section of motifs will go fast and be fun too.
So far, no Joe the contractor. I'm hoping he got the starter fixed on his truck and will show up today. DH is off to the grocery store. I checked my order status on Stitching Bits and Bobs and nothing comes up. I hope that means my order is on it's way to my door. I ordered Jeannette Douglas's Storybook designs and accessory packs.
I am anxious to see the design up close and personal.
I got the quilt sent off yesterday. Shipping has become so expensive.
I got a See's Candies catalog in the mail yesterday. I was just drooling over all that candy. I don't drool like that over cauliflower although I should.
Goals for today:
Finish the back of A Spot in the Mountains
Mostly finish the back outside cover of Button Lover's Brag Book which includes two corners and the writing.
Lace one more button card.
Don't waste so much time checking my email.

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  1. Amy, I do hope Joe the contractor turns up for your sake and mine. I am looking forward to photos of the finished tiles! Great stitching - I love watching the progress on your projects. Have a great weekend