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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Woman's Perrogative

Okay, I have changed my mind. I went digging for the fabric that can be printed on. I didn't find it. So I just printed a sweet watercolor bird on paper and cut it out and laid it on the quilt to see what I thought. Ugh. It didn't go with it at all. So nevermind about that idea. I went digging some more and found Raggedy Ann. She was in five pieces. So I set about putting her together. Now she is in three pieces. I am ready to sew her legs on. I don't know when or why I started her some years ago. The last time I made a Raggedy Ann was for my niece who is 6. I made my niece a Raggedy Ann dress to match. I think I'll wrap up the quilt and the Raggedy Ann together as a shower gift.
It is amazing to me what projects are fun and what are tedious. I am so loving A Spot in the Mountains. Each motif is fun to stitch. I don't mind the over one at all. In fact, I prefer it! I think I will finish the front today. I started working on the inside cover of the Button Lover's Brag Book. It is fun too. I'm working on the page for pearl buttons.
I am going to order some rods that hold the extra fabric while I am stitching. I saw one this weekend at class and I think it would be very helpful.
It is a rainy day here. We are expecting 2 to 3 inches of rain. I am hoping to hear from Joe, our contractor, about putting in the tile. I may have to call him but I don't want to bug him. I have propped up the decorative tile around the sink just so I can enjoy looking at it.


  1. Aah, Raggedy Ann. I loved the one I had as a child - so much so that she fell apart! Here's hoping your granddaughter will get as much pleasure; from both your gifts. A Spot in the Mountains is coming along quickly.

  2. She is sooo cute! I am really jealous of you for getting to take the button book class - have fun stitching on it; it is one of the prettiest pieces I have seen in recent days!