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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ann is Done

Well, I know what I like. It is a good thing to know what you like. I like Raggedy Ann's red dress. That means she is done. The blue dress is relegated to a bag in the closet.
I made good progress on the bargello on the back of A Spot in the Mountains. I'm close to half done. I confess, I don't really like bargello. But with the combination of colors and the feel of the silk, I am enjoying it.
I got the left hand side of the inside cover of Button Lover's Brag book done. That sounds complicated. The spine and the right hand side will be a breeze. I think I want to work on the Outside cover next.
Since I have finished the quilt and Raggedy Ann, I'm thinking of what I should tackle next. I really should finish that Shepherd's Bush afghan for heaven's sake. It is in a pile on my sewing room floor and I need to get it done. It is so close. Although I can't put a name on it until the name is revealed in January.
I keep seeing the Lucet holder pieces and I must finish that also. I tried the other day making some more flat braid cord. I tried tightly, I tried looser. There has to be a happy medium. What I really want is evenness. The cord is what is preventing me from finishing. I thought maybe I could make some twisted cord instead. But that doesn't seem right. Then I thought maybe some regular lucet cording. That's what I will try next.
There are piles of leaves along the street waiting for leaf pick-up tomorrow.
I just found out the name of my new mentee. But I'm not sure if it is a girl or a boy. I'll find out tomorrow.


  1. She is adorable - I like the red dress too!

  2. You are right! The red dress is definitely better. She is adorable - your granddaughter will love her. The stitching is coming along well - you are a speedy stitcher aren't you. Look forward to hearing whether the mentee is girl or boy - will it make a difference to what you do?