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Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am just back from the fabric store. I have proof that I have a tendency for overkill. I was just going to get a water soluble marker for putting the circle of hearts quilting design on my quilt. My old marker is at least a decade old and has hardly any juice left. I am so proud of myself as I exceeded my goal of one more square quilted - I quilted two (17 to go). And I learned something along the way. I tried just my regular open toed sewing foot and it worked out better. I can see if you are free motion quilting you need the darning foot. Now using the regular foot I have way more control of where I am stitching. I was almost on a roll, but the marker was giving out. So I came back from the fabric store with a water soluble marker, a red chalk pencil, a silver chalk pencil (it had a lovely sharp point on it) and some bicycle clips. I need the bicycle clips since the hardest thing about quilting is moving the quilt around to the direction you have to stitch. Now I have no excuse for not getting this quilt done in just a few days. Thank you to L-bug for her quilting advice and a shout out on her blog: She has some great pictures on her blog of our class last Saturday. (Has it been a week ago already!?!)
Thank you Jenny for pointing out that I didn't need to chain stitch around all four of the Lucet holder pieces - just the pockets. Duh. You saved me some time and I feel silly for not reading the directions as closely as I should.
I had such fun yesterday. Just looking at "A Spot in the Mountains" made me want to start stitching it. I thought I'd just get started on the scissors keep. I finished one whole side. I'm going to do two sides for the scissors keep as that worked out best with the Hare Pyns scissors keep. Then I just love that canoe pin cushion so I started that too. I finished the top half of it and dang! it was time to go to bed.
This morning the bakery had pumpkin pie. You could just buy a piece. Yes, that is exactly what I wanted. I'm a lucky girl.


  1. Love your "other side" of the scissors keep! Did you get the little note-book kit in class too? I did and stared playing with it yesterday night. Fun! :-)

  2. Love your work and look forward to further pictures of these items. Good luck with the quilting.