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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I went out to the Farmer's Market for the last time. But I was too late! It has already closed for the year. Phooey. I had no excuse not to show up for Pilates so I went. I didn't go to step class yesterday just in case Joe the contractor showed up but no such luck.
I worked all day on A Spot in the Mountains. I got the back all done and started on the inside front. I want to do the deer and a tree today.
I worked for an hour on Button Lover's Brag Book. I only got a teeny bit done but I am going to concentrate on it today. I have to decide how I want to do my name. I'm going to graph out my whole name, my initials, and then just my first and last name and see which one I like best and which fits. The pattern shows just initials but that's so unexciting. I have that little itch to start something new. I know I shouldn't. Maybe I'll see about getting some parts together. I ordered the threads for Gay Ann Rogers' Winter Cottage. I have some congress cloth somewhere, I'll have to go digging.
I want to go to Target and get some bad stuff to eat like candy corn and cheetos. Saturday is the worst day to go. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Well done! That bear is sooo cute. I'm interested to see what you decide because for a book like this initials are probable too boring.
    We have had a lovely hot weekend here - shall I send some warmth your way?