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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The baby quilt is all washed and ready to go. I still have the idea of appliqueing two birds on it. One in the top right hand corner and one in the bottom left hand corner. Something to make it unique. So I am going dig out the ink jet printable fabric and just try it. It is also time to dig out the half finished Raggedy Ann doll and finish her up.
I found out that my new mentee is a third grader. I still don't know if it is a boy or a girl. We are supposed to start next week. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. Being a retired preschool teacher, I was hoping for a younger child and I loved working with Halona so I am still hoping for a girl. I should have asked for what I wanted.
I got the cabin and tree done on A Spot in the Mountains. I have some flowers and the mountains to do then the front is all done. I realized yesterday that I had used the wrong color for some of the background. It looks okay though. I'm just going to leave it. It is a little lighter than it should be but, hey, the dog shows up better.
I would like to start working on my new project: the Button Brag Book. I really want to do the mermaid.
The sewing room is looking particularly messy. I may have to clean a path in there. There are leftover fabrics and stuff from stitching the quilt and I am sorting out charts I am done with. I keep telling myself that I just need a little organization, I'm not really that much of a slob!

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  1. My, the quilt sure does look beautiful. I am trying to imagine what sort of birds you will apllique - loook forward to seeing them when done.
    A Spot in the Mountains is looking great. You have made excellent progress on such fine work.