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Friday, October 21, 2011


I was once so digusted with my wimpy fine hair that I was tempted to shave it all off and be done with the hassle. DH likes long hair so that complicates things. I have discovered that having the right hair products makes all the difference. I am especially fond of Kiehl's (amino acid shampoo, rice and wheat conditioner) which is not even available around here. All this brings me to today's goal: Raggedy Ann's hair. I have three candidates of yarn. Small (regular red), medium (bamboo reddish orange) and large (fat orange maroon). Since this is a small size Raggedy, I'm thinking small yarn. It is not my most favorite color but it will do. I went to make Raggedy's dress yesterday and saw on the pattern that the dress is navy blue with flowers. The fabric I picked for her dress was red. So off I went to the fabric store looking for a navy blue background fabric with small flowers. Good luck with that one. I only found 2 fat quarters that fit the bill. I didn't even know if the dress pattern would fit on a fat quarter but I risked it. Luckily the pattern fit. But my sewing machine was threaded with white thread. So my lazy self decided to stitch the bloomers and apron first so I wouldn't have to change threads. The bloomers and apron turned out great. The dress I'm not sure about as I like my original red fabric way better. Right now Raggedy needs a hem, two snaps and hair.
I started the grid for the bargello on the back of A Spot in the Mountains. Once the sections are all defined, it will be easy to fill it in.
I only got a few stitches in the mermaid. Just figuring out exactly where to place her (23 threads in, even with the top of the bottom of the ship, etc) is the hard part. So I hope to get a lot more done today.
I can hardly believe it is Friday again. At least this weekend I'm not driving half way across the state. I'm just going to sit in my cozy sewing room listening to my ipod and eating candy and stitching. Hog Heaven.


  1. LOL Amy - not "lazy", but I'd call it "efficient"!
    She looks very cute and I will have to look for the shampoo that you recommend. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Raggedy Ann is beautiful - even bald. I love her. Your stitching is coming along well too. I have completed all my Saturday chores now so I'm ready to settle down for some stitching. Enjoy your weekend