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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Small Steps

It doesn't seem like I got very much done yesterday. I finished the scissors keep from A Spot in the Mountains. It was fun to stitch. I use my scalloped scissors more than I ever thought I would. They come in handy.
I messed around with the lucet cording trying to decide if it was good enough to use. Finally I just sewed it on to see how it looks. I can redo it if I don't like it. One side doesn't look very straight now that I see the photo. I'm still thinking on this one.
I finished just half a square on the quilt so now I am down to 12 square left to quilt. So the plan today is to quilt four squares - and since I say that, I have to do it, right?
A friend is coming over to look at my school stuff as she is homeschooling. I told her she has to not look at the mess in my sewing room.


  1. Cute. I do like your lucet cording. You are rather hard on yourself! Looks fine to everyone else.

  2. Beautiful work! Your cording looks great, I think!

  3. Wow Amy - you are doing great!!!! I am still worried about making cord & string that is too long. Sherri mentioned hiding the ends inside the linen, but wouldn't that show?
    Lisa and I just signed up for Sherri's Blue Ribbon Box this week - can't wait! It is also a pre-stitch class and I will get my kit with the mail sometime next week... Yipee!
    Keep up the good work and talk with you in a bit!