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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hare Pyns

My second class this weekend was Hare Pyns. There was pre-stitching and this class was for finishing the project. I very much enjoyed stitching this. I used stitches I had never used before. This was so well designed that my work looks exactly like the model. I did a bit of the sewing before the class. My goal was to get to putting on the ribbon by the time the class was over. It was great to see the model and know exactly how the gussets fold, the size of the stitch to sew on the ribbon, etc. Class started at 9 in the morning. There were only 13 or so people in the class. My BFF was there and the lady we sat across from in Lucet class as well as Typhoid Mary. Many had all the stitching done and were ready to finish. Some still had stitching to do. Sherri went through the directions with us for finishing the pockets and everybody got started. One of the ladies I met at the Lucet class and another lady brought sewing machines and irons/ironing boards. So we had all we needed to get busy. I used one lady's Viking and boy, can it sew nicely. But it is hard to get used to a different sewing machine. I machine sewed the ribbon to the pocket divider but it didn't look very nice so I took it out and sewed it by hand. It wasn't as even but I liked it better. I finished the pocket parts and was ready for the gusset. I didn't want to cut up the pattern so I traced the gusset pattern sometime in August and sewed it together. When I tried sewing it in it was way too big. Luckily Sherri had a plastic pattern piece of the gusset and compared it to what I had and it was so way off. Once I trimmed up the gusset, it fit perfectly. I'll think twice next time about tracing as opposed to cutting up the paper pattern. I did get to putting on the ribbon but I did something stupid. Never start in a corner! Never start in a front corner! The ribbon is mitered on all four corners. I did the best I could - without taking the ribbon entirely off and starting over. I'm too lazy for that. So I know that one front corner is messier that it should be. I could hide it with a piece of decorative green ribbon but I don't think I'll do that. Anyway, we ordered Panera box lunches for lunch. That worked out great. Although I have been in some classes where food and drinks are not allowed on the tables where we are working on our projects to avoid disasters. The area where the class was held had some awesome stores and it would have been fun to go shopping. (Nordstroms, Ikea, Crate & Barrell and a needlework store). But we had no opportunity. Sherri's and my aim was to leave immediately after class was over for our long drive home. My BFF had to leave an hour early to get to her next destination, and that started the exodus. We actually were able to leave a few minutes early. When we came out of class, we couldn't believe how gorgeous the weather was. We had been in a basement room with no windows for 6 hours. It wasn't overcast and rainy like it had been all weekend. It was sunny and warm. Great for the drive home. We drove all the way home only stopping for gas and a bathroom break. We didn't even stop for supper. I think we were both anxious to get home. We made good time but it was a really tiring day. I had an awesome weekend. It was so much fun to see other stitchers and the stuff they had and were working on. It was wonderful to see my BFF and get to talk. The trip down and back was made so much easier with talking. I got some more kits to play with. We stayed at good hotels. I feel like I have recovered now. I was kind of punchy tired when I got home. Poor Sherri still had another hour to go.
I didn't have good pictures yesterday of the Lucet so I have included some today. We spent all day making these woven samples. We started with the bigger thread and worked our way down to the silk perlee.
My Hare Pyns is entirely done now and I love it. It turned out great. I'll show pictures of it tomorrow.
Would you believe I'm taking another class in two weeks? I am so lucky.

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  1. You have inspired me to get out my lucet and get practising. Who is Typhoid Mary? I've not heard of that chart. Looking forward to seeing Hare Pyns