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Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I sewed the border to my quilt. It was wrong. I looked up some youtube videos on "How to miter quilt borders". I followed how they did it but it was for a slightly different edge. After I had it all sewn on, I folded the border to the back ready to hand stitch the edge down and be done. But it didn't fold well, the corners were curved. I figured out that I needed to fold it on the far out edge. So I knew what was coming: I had to take out what I had just done. I took 3 sides out, hoping that I could keep that one long side and start from there. So that is where I am, trying to put the border back on correctly this time.
I worked on the people in the canoe on A Spot in the Mountains. It takes a lot of time. It doesn't look like I did much but I had to change floss often and I had a bit of frogging to do. It really is amazing what just a few stitches can convey in a design. I have to backstitch around the lady's hat and then I can move on to the cute dog.
I'll be at my Button Brag Book class tomorrow so I won't be able to post. I am very excited as I knew I wanted to stitch this when I first saw it. I don't even collect buttons. I guess I will have to look out for some to put in my book. I want to know how this project is put together, how to make a cross stitch book. This looks like a large project that will take some time to finish. I'm crossing my fingers that is doesn't rain while I'm driving over there.
I've seen the first two pop-up windows on Gay Ann Rogers site. I thinking #4 will be the Victorian Lady. I hope, I hope.

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  1. What a shame about your quilt binding. Mitre corners can either be friend or foe! I love the little man and lady - look forward to the dog in a day or two. Have fun at the Button Brag Book class tomorrow.