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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am thinking of skipping the things I usually do on a Saturday which are the farmer's market and pilates. I just get ornery sometimes.
I got Raggedy Ann's hair all done. The template method worked great. I can't imagine making each loop individually (although I have done it before, but it has been a very long time ago). I decided to make the red dress for her and then decide if I like it better than the navy one. So it is cut out and ready to be sewn. DH thinks I should just give the quilt as the baby shower gift and save Raggedy for Christmas. So there's no hurry to get her finished.
I got one triangle of the bargello done on A Spot in the Mountains. It is relaxing to do. The feel of solid stitching of silk is so soft.
I finished my little mermaid. I thought that I would fatten her up but when I looked at her as I stitched, she looked fine. Once I do the curly-ques above and below her, the inside front cover will be done. I love this design.
I got two very nice things yesterday. DH surprized me with a lovely arrangement of flowers. Then the FedEx man left me a box of chocolate covered strawberries. And it isn't even United Nations Day yet.


  1. your flowers and doll are beautiful....i love your stitched piece also....have a great day doing 'other' things :D

  2. Raggedy Ann is adorable. I love the hair. Great job! I wish I had my Button Book to stitch on but I have to wait until next year.
    Keep stitching.
    Dorothy from Macon

  3. Raggedy Ann looks beautiful - you have done an amazing job on her hair. A Spot in the Mountains is coming along well too. Have a lovely day. And that mermaid sure does have a trim waist!