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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Fall Day

I just discovered that Sherri Jones has her website up and running. It is It is great to see her past, present and future projects. There are only a few projects that I haven't done yet. I like being able to see her teaching schedule. Just finding out who is teaching what and where is very difficult. There is a free design too. Cool. Nice website!
I was anxiously waiting for E Week on Gay Ann Rogers's website. I emailed her last February asking about one of her needlecases. She said to watch for E Week. So I have been waiting all year hoping to get the pattern for Victorian Lady. And today is the day the sale started. But no Victorian Lady! There is another needlecase that I will order. I'm kind of disappointed. There is still a chance it will be offered on Saturday or Sunday. I'm hoping it pops up on Saturday as I will be in class on Sunday.
I quilted until my behind was numb yesterday. I got four squares done. Now I have eight to go. I want to do another four today.
I started the needles cover for A Spot in the Mountains. It is going very well and it is fun to stitch. I'm sure I can finish it today. There is a bear on it that I have yet to stitch. When I get that done, I will let myself start on the main pocket. I can't wait!
Today is a lovely fall day. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. DH put the plastic up on the back porch. That is a sign of winter coming. I'm not ready. I need some Halloween candy to console me.

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  1. Thanks for the intro to Sherri's website. I contacted her and was diappointed with the result. Sometimes NZ feels a long long way when there are items I desperately want to stitch and can't! Ah woe is me ..... and I am having a bad day at work too! Love the needlecase. Good luck with the quilting